Welcome from the Chair

Welcome to Computer Science and Engineering at Notre Dame!

This is an exciting time to be a computer engineer or a computer scientist. Never has the field’s impact on the world been more significant — and never has it been more in need of Notre Dame graduates, who bring the desire to be a force for good with them as they enter the profession.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering’s 35 faculty share a commitment to excellence in education and pursuit of high-impact research and scholarship. The evidence is in their many honors for teaching and research as well as in their publications, citations, grants and contracts, and publication of student theses under faculty mentorship.

Undergraduate and graduate students partner with faculty to conduct research that advances the field and serves humanity. Our research is comprehensive, with notable strengths in algorithms and theory; advanced computer architecture and nanotechnology; bioinformatics and computational biology; computer vision and pattern recognition; data mining; AI and machine learning; distributed systems and grid computing; operating systems and computer networks; computer security; and scientific computing – as well as the many interactions between these areas.

Graduates of our undergraduate programs are highly sought after by top companies – our placement rate has been at or near 100% for many years.

Our graduates take up careers in the computing industry, the finance industry, large engineering companies, startup companies, consulting firms, medical informatics companies, and government. Others enter doctoral programs at leading universities. Still others pursue startup opportunities, contributing to the burgeoning innovation culture surrounding computer science and engineering.

The frontiers among computer science and other fields are increasingly porous, and the department has established high-impact collaborations at many levels. In recent successes, the department has:

Since 1993, three years after the department was founded, ND Computer Science and Engineering has granted more than 1,500 undergraduate degrees and more than 160 graduate degrees. The sustained popularity of the computing professions and the University’s support for programs of study in computing ensure that we will continue to be a strong contributor to Notre Dame’s educational mission.

If you are an alumnus, welcome back! Let us know how you are doing. If you are a prospective undergraduate or graduate student, welcome! Please allow us to help you discern the opportunities here at Notre Dame for you.

We’re looking forward to the future – what will the next 30 years of Computer Science and Engineering at Notre Dame bring? We’d love for you to discover it with us.


Patrick J. Flynn
Professor and Chair
Fritz Duda Family Professor of Engineering