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Financial Information

Students in the M.S. program generally take classes full-time for 1-2 years and pay tuition.  Current tuition rates are available here.

Students in Ph.D. program generally receive a tuition waiver (worth approx $53,146) and a stipend ($31,128) as a Teaching Assistant or Research Assistant for the duration of their time at Notre Dame.  This stipend covers reasonable living expenses in the South Bend area. 

It you are a new Ph.D. student at Notre Dame, you do not have to apply for financial aid.  You will generally be assigned duties as a Teaching Assistant (TA) for one or two semesters, until you secure a research advisor.  Teaching assistants work about 12 hours per week, leaving time to study for classes and get involved in research.  Once you have a research advisor, you will generally be employed as a Research Assistant (RA) from research grant funding.  RA support allows you to focus exclusively on research full-time.

In addition, there are several ways in which you may augment your stipend through competitive fellowships:

    • Truly exceptional students are nominated for University-level fellowships, such as the Notebaert Premier Fellowship, the Clare Booth Luce Fellowship, the Arthur J. Schmitt Presidential Fellowship, and others as they become available.  These fellowships offer stipends between $32,500 and $40,000 per year.

All Ph.D. students are encouraged to apply for a variety of external fellowships from both industrial and government sources.  These fellowships typically pay the student's stipend and also offer opportunities such as summer internships and conference travel.