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Master Defense - Breno Dantas Cruz

Start: 6/13/2016 at 1:00PM
End: 6/13/2016 at 3:30PM
Location: 315 Stinson Remick
Attendees: Faculty and students are welcome to attend the presentation portion of the defense.
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Master Thesis Defense

Breno Dantas Cruz

June 13, 2016          1:00 pm          315 Stinson Remick

Adviser:  Dr. Collin McMillan

Committee Members:

         Dr. Dong Wang        Dr. Jane Cleland-Huang


" Detecting Vague Words and Phrases in Requirements Documents in a Multilingual Environment"


Vagueness in software requirements documents can lead to several future maintenance problems, especially when the customer and development team do not share the same language. Currently, companies rely on human translators to maintain communication and limit vagueness by translating the requirement documents by hand. In this thesis, we present two approaches to identifying vagueness in requirements documents in a multilingual environment. Subsequently, we conduct two studies of these approaches for calibration purposes. In the first study, six participants, two native Portuguese speakers and four native Spanish speakers, evaluated both approaches. Then, we conducted a field study to test the performance of the best approach in real-world environments at two different companies.