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Oral Candidacy - Louis Daudet

Start: 8/14/2017 at 9:00AM
End: 8/14/2017 at 12:00PM
Location: 258 Fitzpatrick Hall
Attendees: Faculty and students are welcome to attend the presentation portion of the defense.
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Louis Daudet

Oral Candidacy

August 14, 2017          9:00 am          258 Fitzpatrick

Adviser:  Dr. Christian Poellabauer

Committee Members:

Dr. Carlos Busso    Dr. Patrick Flynn    Dr. Alan Huebner   

Dr Sandra Schneider

"A Portable Tool for the Detection of Neurodegenerative Conditions Using Speech as a Biomarker"


Neurodegenerative conditions affect a significant and growing percentage of the population worldwide. Though these conditions remains incurable, treatments do exist to slow their progressions and mitigate their symptoms. In order for these treatment to be as efficient as can be, it is first necessary for the patients to be diagnosed, as early as possible, and then for their conditions to be tracked over time to assess the efficiency of different treatment options. We propose to create a portable tool that would allow for patients to do both, using speech-based tests in a mobile application. Using several open-source software along with our own, we will first extract speech features from the speech samples that we will have collected with our application. Statistical analysis of these extracted features will then allow us to detect and track the evolution over time of Parkinson's, ALS and Alzheimer's.