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Oral Candidacy - Maria Glenski

Start: 2/15/2018 at 11:00AM
End: 2/15/2018 at 3:00PM
Location: 258 Fitzpatrick
Attendees: Faculty and Students are welcome to attend the presentation portion of the proposal.
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 Maria Glenski

Oral Candidacy

February 15, 2018        11:00 am        258 Fitzpatrick

Adviser:  Dr Tim Weninger

 Committee Members:   

Dr. Meng Jiang        Dr. Huan Liu        Dr. Dong Wang 


Consumption and Curation in Social Rating Systems


People frequently rely on social media as their primary source of news and information.  Tasked with curating an ever-increasing amount of content, providers leverage user interaction feedback to make decisions about which content to display, highlight, and hide. User interactions such as likes, votes, clicks, and views are assumed to be a proxy of a content's quality, popularity, or news-worthiness. Users in turn rely on the anonymous, aggregate ratings of others to make important decisions about which products to buy, movies to watch, news to read, or even political candidates to support. The sheer volume of new information being produced and consumed only increases the reliance that individuals place on anonymous others to curate and sort massive amounts of information. 

 As crowd-sourced curation of news and information have become the norm, it is important to understand not only how individuals consume information through social news Web sites, but also how they contribute to their ranking systems. This proposal focuses on three topics that are important to understand because of their critical role in society: 1) how individuals consume anonymously-curated information and contribute to the wisdom of the crowd, 2) the relationship between quality and popularity in these social rating systems, and 3) the evolution, propagation, and influence of deceptive sources.