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Oral Candidacy - Will McBurney

Start: 6/8/2015 at 9:00AM
End: 6/8/2015 at 12:00PM
Location: 257G Fitzpatrick Hall
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Will McBurney

June 8, 2015             257G Fitzpatrick Hall          9:00 am


Dr. Colin McMillan

Committee Members:

Dr. David Chiang        Dr. Aaron Striegel          Dr. Douglas Thain


"Understanding Automatic Source Code Summarization"

Programmers rely on software documentation. Software documentation tells a programmer how to use a system, and how the system functions. However, software documentation is time-consuming to write and often becomes incomplete or outdated. To address the limitations and costs of software documentation, researchers have begun producing automatic source code summarization approaches. In my proposal, I discuss my ongoing and future work towards understanding and improving automatic source code summarization. My research has contributed to a better understanding of how software developers document source code, as well as how developers read code and documentation.