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Financial Information

Students in the M.S. program generally take classes full-time for 1-2 years and pay tuition.  Current tuition rates are available here.

Students in Ph.D. program generally receive a tuition waiver (worth approx $49,450) and a stipend ($27,330) as a Teaching Assistant or Research Assistant for the duration of their time at Notre Dame.  This stipend covers reasonable living expenses in the South Bend area. 

It you are a new Ph.D. student at Notre Dame, you do not have to apply for financial aid.  You will generally be assigned duties as a Teaching Assistant (TA) for one or two semesters, until you secure a research advisor.  Teaching assistants work about 12 hours per week, leaving time to study for classes and get involved in research.  Once you have a research advisor, you will generally be employed as a Research Assistant (RA) from research grant funding.  RA support allows you to focus exclusively on research full-time.

In addition, there are several ways in which you may augment your stipend through competitive fellowships:

  • Truly exceptional students are nominated for University-level fellowships, such as the Notebaert Premier Fellowship, the Clare Booth Luce Fellowship, the Arthur J. Schmitt Presidential Fellowship, and others as they become available.  These fellowships offer stipends between $30,000 and $35,000 per year.
  • Students with an interest in teaching are invited to apply for the CSE GAANN Teaching Fellowship.  This program is designed to develop future faculty members by continued training in teaching techniques, culminating in teaching a regular course at Notre Dame.
  • All Ph.D. students are encouraged to apply for a variety of external fellowships from both industrial and government sources.  These fellowships typically pay the student's stipend and also offer opportunities such as summer internships and conference travel.