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2020 Advanced Database Projects Contest Winners

Leslie Lestinsky • DATE: May 21, 2020

Two groups tied for first place in the Meurer Advanced Database Projects Contest, sponsored by the Thomas Meurer Endowment Fund for Excellence.

The annual competition is part of CSE 40746 Advanced Database Projects, taught by Ramzi Bualuan, teaching professor and director of undergraduate studies. Students compete while studying advanced topics in database design, development, and management. This year 13 groups of students competed.

First-place winners were:

Group 2: Dominic Bozzo and Luke Wurl

Group 7: Matthew Gregory, Morgan Ludwig, and Mitchell MacKnight.


Third place winners were:

Group 3:  Thomas Clare and Chandler Crane

Group 5:  Clare Fallon, Elizabeth Genovese and Richard Stefanik

Group 11:  Sophie Johnson and Ana Luisa Lamberto


Congratulations to all the students.