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Announcing CSE's New Minor

Virginia Watterson • DATE: June 13, 2017

Design + CS

The CSE Department would like to announce a new minor that is available to Computer Science and Engineering students interested in combining their computing skills with design thinking.  The minor is called the “Collaborative Innovation Minor” and is offered by the Department of Art, History, and Design. 

Completion of the minor requires a total of 15 credit hours, of which 6 hours can be counted to meet existing requirements.  (See the notes below on the Design Matters course and the Capstone course.)  This means that you can obtain the minor with only 3 additional classes.

The first course in the minor is offered in Fall 2017 and is titled “Design Matters: Introduction to Design Thinking”.  This course has no pre-requisites and can be taken as early as your first term at Notre Dame.  For students interested in the Design Minor, we recommend taking this course as early as possible.    This course can be double-counted as your Fine Arts requirement.  Design Matters is followed by three courses in various design areas and the minor is capped off with the Senior Capstone course, “Collaborative Design Development”.  This Capstone course is approved to count as a CSE Technical Elective. 

More details on the Minor can be found at:  http://artdept.nd.edu/undergraduate-program/collaborative-innovation/

An example schedule for a CS&E Student wishing to obtain the minor is shown below:

Year 1: Design Matters: Introduction to Design Thinking (can count as Fine Arts requirement)

Year 3: Design Research Practices

Year 3: Rapid Visualization

Year 4: Interaction Design

Year 4: Capstone: Collaborative Design Development (can count as Technical Elective for CSE majors)

If you have any questions, please contact Professor Ron Metoyer (rmetoyer@nd.edu).