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Emrich, Milenkovic Receive NIH Supplement

Cheryl Kelly • DATE: May 4, 2012

Professor Scott Emrich has received two years of funding to support a new collaboration between his NIH-funded computational group and R01-funded experimentalist Professor Patricia Clark (Chemistry and Biochemistry). This supplement was awarded by National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) to "stimulate and support new multidisciplinary collaborations between [primary] investigators with different intellectual and technical approaches that can promote the novel insights required to achieve significant research advances."

Professor Emrich and his Notre Dame Bioinformatics Lab will develop new algorithms, distributed frameworks, statistical tests and visualizations to analyze codon usage in hundreds of species and help focus its role in co-translational folding, an area of expertise of biochemist Professor Clark and a process important in some diseases. CSE Professor Tijana Milenkovic will collaborate on this project. Over these two years she and a partially supported member of her Notre Dame Complex Networks Lab will develop a new algorithmic framework for network analysis to study the potential interplay between codon usage and their topological positions.

Investigator Clark and a member of her lab have been instrumental guiding initial work based on their expertise and will experimentally validate both areas of inquiry, which will reinforce the multidisciplinary nature of this funded project. We also expect this project to open additional avenues for future CSE-Chem/Biochem collaboration.