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Research Areas

AI and Machine Learning

Faculty:  Chawla, Chiang, Jiang, D. Chen

Algorithms and Theory

Faculty: Chen, Milenkovic

Assistive Technologies

Faculty:  McMillan

Computer Architecture and Nanotechnology

Faculty: BrockmanHu, JoshiKoggeNiemierShi

Computer Vision, Medical Imaging and Biometrics

Faculty: Bowyer, Czajka, Flynn, Scheirer, D. Chen

Digital Humanities

Faculty: ChiangScheirer, Jiang 

Human Computer Interaction

Faculty:  Metoyer

Natural Language Processing

Faculty:  ChiangScheirer, Jiang

Network and Data Science

FacultyChawla, Jiang, MilenkovicShiToroczkaiC. WangD. WangWeninger

Scientific and High Performance Computing

Faculty:  NabrzyskiThainWesterink

Security, Privacy and Cryptography

Software Engineering

Faculty:  Cleland-HuangMcMillan

Visualization and Visual Analytics

Faculty: MetoyerC. Wang

Wireless, Mobile, and Embedded Systems

Faculty: Antsaklis, Hu, Cleland-Huang, Poellabauer, Stevenson, Striegel, D. Wang