FPGA and CPLD Solutions

Xilinx ISE Design Suite 14.2 is used by CSE 20221 Logic Design and Sequential Circuits, CSE 30321 Computer Architecture I, CSE 40522 CPEG Capstone Design, and CSE 60321 Advanced Computer Architecture.


It is recommended to plug any laptop into a power outlet while attempting this installation. Laptops running on battery power typically take longer to install.

  1. Insert memory disk with installation media.
  2. Browse to the memory stick -> Xilinx_ISE_DS_Win_14.2_P.28xd.3.0. Double click on xsetup.exe (should be the last file in the folder)
  3. Welcome. Click "Next". Welcome Screen
  4. Check the "I accept..." box. Click "Next".License 1
  5. Check the "I accept..." box. Click "Next".License 2
  6. Select Edition to Install: "ISE Design Suite System Edition + Vivado System Edition" Click "Next"Select Edition
  7. Select Installation Options. You want to check:
    • Acquire or Manage a License Key
    • Install Cable Drivers

    You want to uncheck:

    • Sourcery CodeBench Lite for Xilinx Cortex-A9 GNU/Linux
    • Sourcery CodeBench Lite for Xilinx Cortex-A9 EABI
    • Install WinPCap for Ethernet Hardware Co-Simulation
    • Enable WebTalk to send software, IP and device usage statisitcs to Xilinx.

    Click "Next".Installation Options

  8. Leave the default destination directories of C:\Xilinx. Click "Next".Destination Directory
  9. Installation (Options Summary). Click "Install".Installation Summary
  10. While the install is proceeding, browse to the memory stick. Copy the file "license-2013.txt" to C:\Xilinx.
  11. If you get a popup about "Microsoft Visual C++ #### Redistributable Package", click "Yes" to allow it to install.
  12. Select Matlab Installation popup. Click "Choose later".
  13. You might get a "Windows Security" popup about installing a device driver from Jungo, LTD. Click "Install".
  14. You might get a "Windows Security" popup about installing a device driver from Xilinx, Inc. Click "Install".
  15. Xilinx License Configuration Popup. Select "Locate Existing License(s)", click "Next".
  16. In the top text box, next to "XILINXD_LICENSE_FILE" type "C:\Xilinx\license-2013.txt". Click "Set". Your connection to the license server will now be tested. This should work from a wired campus connection, the NOMAD wireless, the ND-Secure wireless, or the EDUROAM wireless. It will not work from ND-Guest wireless, nor off campus. A popup will warn you that currently open Xilinx apps won't work, that's fine. Click "OK". IN the bottom panel, it will display "Loading Information, Please wait", then it should show that you have license available. If there are ones that have the "Information" as "mmcnally@cse.nd.edu,...", you should be all set. Click "Close".
  17. ISE Dessign Suite 14.2 Installer - Install Completed. Click "Finish".
  18. Launch "Xilinx ISE Design Suite 14.2" from the desktop. The "Tip of the Day" should come up, along with the ISE Project Navigator GUI. You should be good to go now.

Next, you need to install the software to download to the Basys boards.

  1. Browse to the memory stick again.
  2. Double click on DigilentAdept_v2-3-0.
  3. Win Vista and 7 might get User Acees Control Popup - "Yes".
  4. Digilent Adept Setup - Click "Next".
  5. License Agreemtn - Click "I agree".
  6. Choose components - leave default of all checked - click "Next".
  7. Shortcut options - You need to select - create shortcuts "For anyone using this computer" - click "Next".
  8. Leave Install location as default - click "Install".
  9. You might get yet another "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime" popup - click "yes".
  10. You might get a Windows Security popup for the Digilent Inc. device driver - click "Install".
  11. Digilent Adept Setup about Xilinx ISE not found - click "OK". (Our Digilent, while it is the latest, is older than the Xilinx 12.3 we are installing. This is okay.)
  12. The software is done installing, and says it needs a reboot to finish. Select the option to "Reboot Later" and Click "Finish".


Xilinx 12.3 is the version we have tested for the course, so you can stop now. Any updates have not been vetted with the labs.


Please contact for assistance.