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Yanfang (Fanny) Ye - Towards Next-generation Anti-malware Techniques in the AI Age


3/28/2019 at 3:30PM


3/28/2019 at 4:45PM


126 DeBartolo


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Nitesh Chawla

Nitesh Chawla

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Dr. Chawla's research interests are broadly in the areas of Big Data: data science, machine learning, network science and their applications social networks, healthcare informatics/analytics, and climate/environmental sciences. He directs the Notre Dame Interdisciplinary Center for Network ...
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As the Internet and computing devices become increasingly ubiquitous, their security has become more and more important. Malware (short for malicious software) is software that deliberately fulfills the harmful intent of cyberattackers, such as trojans, botnets, ransomware and cryptojacking. It has been used as the major weapon by the cybercriminals to launch a wide range of attacks to compromise the security of cyberspace. Malware attackers and defenders engage in the never-ending arms race: at each round, both the attackers and defenders try to analyze methodologies and vulnerabilities of each other, and develop their own optimal strategies to overcome the opponents. In this talk, I will first introduce the development of malware and anti-malware industry; then I will present the techniques we have proposed and developed against the evolving malware attacks. As each and every day techniques in artificial intelligence (AI) are changing our view of the world, the next war may be decided by AI. In this talk, I will further discuss the arms race between adversarial malware attacks and defenses in the AI age, to facilitate the design and development of next-generation anti-malware techniques. The presented techniques are designed to be arms race capable, and can be used in other cybersecurity domains, such as anti-spam, fraud detection, etc.

Seminar Speaker:

Yanfang (Fanny) Ye

Yanfang (Fanny) Ye

West Virginia University

Dr. Yanfang (Fanny) Ye is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (CSEE) at West Virginia University (WVU). Before joining WVU, she was the Principal Scientist in Comodo Security Solutions, Inc. (2010~2013), and formerly the R&D Deputy Director at Kingsoft Internet Security Corporation (2008~2010). Her research areas mainly include cybersecurity, data mining, machine learning, and health intelligence. Dr. Ye has had over 60 publications in her fields (e.g., ACM CSUR, IEEE TNNLS, SIGKDD, AAAI, IJCAI, ACSAC). Her proposed techniques have significantly reduced the time needed to detect new malicious software - from weeks to seconds, which have been incorporated into popular commercial cybersecurity products including Comodo and Kingsoft Antivirus that protect millions of users worldwide. Dr. Ye recently received the prestigious NSF Career Award (2019), the AICS 2019 Challenge Problem Winner, the ACM SIGKDD 2017 Best Paper Award and ACM SIGKDD 2017 Best Student Paper Award (Applied Data Science Track), the IEEE EISIC 2017 Best Paper Award, and the New Researcher of the Year Award (2016-2017) at WVU. She has brought in nearly $3M dollars in research funding from the NSF and DoJ/NIJ as the PI recently.