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Julian McAuley - Personalized Models of Natural Language


12/12/2019 at 3:30PM


12/12/2019 at 4:45PM


131 DeBartolo


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Nitesh Chawla

Nitesh Chawla

VIEW FULL PROFILE Email: nchawla@nd.edu
Phone: 574-631-1090
Website: http://www.nd.edu/~nchawla/
Office: 384 Nieuwland Science Hall


College of Engineering Frank M. Freimann Professor
Dr. Chawla's research interests are broadly in the areas of Big Data: data science, machine learning, network science and their applications social networks, healthcare informatics/analytics, and climate/environmental sciences. He directs the Notre Dame Interdisciplinary Center for Network ...
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Recommender systems seek to capture complex relationships between people and content they interact with. Other than their applications in traditional settings (like e-commerce), similar techniques are potentially impactful in a variety of domains where variance among individuals accounts for much of the variability in the data. Our lab has studied examples including personalized preference models in image and audio domains, personalized dialog systems, and personalized healthcare.

In this talk I'll discuss one such line of work that seeks to combine ideas from recommender systems with techniques from natural language processing. Examples include models for question answering, text and recipe generation, and interpretability. By personalizing these models, we are better able to adapt to both the preferences and the linguistic nuances of individuals. Doing so leads to language models that are higher fidelity both quantitatively and qualitatively, in terms of traditional and subjective metrics.

Seminar Speaker:

Julian McAuley

Julian McAuley

UC-San Diego

Julian McAuley is an Associate Professor at UCSD. He likes bicycling and baroque keyboard.