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Samantha Lee - Proposal Writing, Practical Advice for Graduate Students in CSE


10/17/2019 at 3:30PM


10/17/2019 at 4:45PM


131 DeBartolo


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Gregory Madey

Gregory Madey

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College of Engineering Research Professor
Dr. Madey's research focuses on the use of computer science to develop solutions to a wide range of problems. Recent problem domains include environmental science, the open source software phenomenon, disaster management, modeling & simulation of disease transmission, cyberinfrastructure and ...
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People often struggle with proposal writing.  Many are surprised to find that the writing style that made them successful in the field is not well suited to crafting a successful proposal. To succeed in grant writing and being awarded competitive funding, most researchers need to develop a new set of writing skills. In this session, we will discuss the following things: 1) major differences between academic and proposal writing, 2) how to address a colleague who is knowledgeable in the general area, but who does not necessarily know the details about your research question, 3) elements of a strong proposal, and 4) university resources to help you write.

Seminar Speaker:

Samantha Lee

Samantha Lee

University of Notre Dame

Samantha Y. Lee, Ph.D., is the Program Director of the Graduate School’s Office of Grants and Fellowships at the University of Notre Dame. As the Program Director, Samantha is responsible for the overall management of the office, providing leadership and expertise in grantsmanship, overseeing several prestigious fellowship competitions, and ensuring that programs and seminars provided by the office reflect the priorities of Notre Dame graduate students. Samantha has over 11 years of experience in fellowship advising as an applicant and advisor. She has helped numerous undergraduate and graduate students generate successful merit-based grant and fellowship applications. Samantha has extensive experience in both advising students across disciplines and designing in-person and online grant writing and training curricula. She has secured funding from numerous agencies and foundations including the Council of Graduate Schools, the American Association of University Women (AAUW), the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA Small Business Innovation Research, the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education, the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program, and many others. In addition, she has won several graduate research awards such as the Theobald Smith Society Excellence in Graduate Studies Award, and the Mycological Society of America’s (MSA) Graduate Fellowship. She has held numerous leadership and service positions at Rutgers and in professional societies including the AAUW, the Graduate Women in Science, the American Phytopathological Society, and the MSA.  Samantha’s field of specialization is understanding microbial metabolites, specifically volatile organic compounds and non-volatile mycotoxins, to improve agriculture and production. She continues to collaborate with researchers from institutions, government labs, and industry to improve agriculture and sustainability.