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Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

concentration code: CBCB

This program is designed to offer a sequence of elective courses to CS/CPEG* students who are interested in the field of Bioinformatics. The set of courses listed below will satisfy five CSE electives and two technical electives that are part of the requirements for a CS degree.

CSE electives:

1. CSE 40532: Bioinformatics Computing
CSE 40884: Complex Networks
CSE40817: Healthcare Analytics

2. CSE 30246: Database Concepts

3.-5. CSE 40xxx: Three CSE electives in advanced data processing/analysis, chosen either from (1) or the following: Distributed Computing (CSE40771), Parallel Computing (CSE40755), Cloud Computing (CSE40772), Data Mining (CSE40647), Advanced Databases (CSE40746), Software Engineering (any);Natural Language Processing (CSE40657), or Undergraduate Research

Technical Electives:

    1. Students are highly encouraged to take Undergraduate Research to work on real biological/biochemical data as a tech elective but this is not required
    2. Students with this concentration may take any of the classes below as a tech elective per an agreement with BIOS if they choose:
      1. BIOS 20201: Biological Sciences I
      2. BIOS 20250: Classical and Molecular Genetics
      3. BIOS 40577/60577: Topics in Genetics/Molecular Bio (with permission)

Students who are interested in pursuing this program may contact one of the following:

* CPEG students would use one of the CSE requirements above, and one of the technical ones, as their two free electives