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Cyber Security

concentration code: CCYS

This program is designed to offer a sequence of elective courses to CS/CPEG students who are interested in the field of computer security.

The student must take:

CSE 40567 Computer Security
CSE 30264 Computer Networks
CSE 40647 Data Science (Course project oriented at security)

Finally, the student must take two additional courses from the following list:

CSE 40232 Software Engineering
CSE 40746 Advanced Databases
CSE 40622 Cryptography
CSE 40367 Computer Forensics
CSE 40333 Mobile Application Projects
CSE 48901 Undergraduate Research (Security-oriented topic)

A total of five courses are necessary to satisfy the concentration. Three are required, two may be selected from the second list.

Students who are interested in pursuing this program may contact one of the following: