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Mobile Computing

concentration code: CMBL

This program is designed to offer a sequence of elective courses to CS/CPEG students who are interested in the field of mobile computing and communications.

The student must take the following two courses:

CSE30264 Computer Networks
CSE40814 Mobile Computing

In addition, the student must take three courses from the following list:

CSE 30246 Database Concepts
CSE 40333 Mobile Application Development
CSE 40416 System Interface Design
CSE 40424 Human Computer Interaction
CSE 40633 Advanced Mobile Application Development
CSE 40943 Autonomous Mobile Robots
CSE 48901 Undergraduate Research (can be taken twice)

Undergraduate Research (CSE48901) must focus on a topic in the area of mobile computing or wireless networks and must be taken for a minimum of three credit hours to count as a full course. Six credit hours of undergraduate research count as two of the three elective courses. Due to frequent changes in course offerings, students interested in this concentration are encouraged to contact one of the faculty members listed below to obtain approval to count a course not listed above towards the concentration requirements.

Note that CPEG students pursuing this concentration will have to take course load that exceeds their minimum credit requirements for their degree. Students who are interested in pursuing this program may contact one of the following: