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Engineering Corporate Practice (MECP)

The Minor in Engineering Corporate Practice is open to College of Engineering undergraduate students in their senior year who have completed the EG 40421/40422 sequence, and is limited to 60 students annually. The program is administered by the College of Engineering’s Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs.

The course work required comprises five classes as follows, only one of which may count toward engineering degree requirements (either EG 40421 as your program allows, or an economics course as the University social science requirement). Four courses must be taken in excess of degree requirements. The complete course list is as follows:

  • EG 40421 or EG 44421
  • EG 40422
  • One Economics course (see below)
  • ACCT 20100 (or BAEG 20100) Accountancy I (normally in the fall)
  • FIN 20150 (or BAEG 20150) Corporate Financial Management (normally in the spring)

For Economics, you may not count AP credit toward the minor. The Economics course is selected using the following logic:

  • If you have no Economics AP credit, or if you have AP credit for Macroeconomics only:
    • Principles of Microeconomics (ECON 10010,10011,20010, or 20011)
  • If you have AP credit for Microeconomics only: 
    • Principles of Macroeconomics (ECON 10020 or 20020)
  • If you have AP credit for both Micro and Macro:
    • Intermediate Micro Theory (ECON 30010)