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Technical Electives

1. What constitutes a technical elective?

A technical elective is usually any non-freshman course in engineering or science, or some selective courses from other departments, provided that its content does not mostly overlap with one of your other courses.

2. What are the engineering and science departments?

  • Engineering:
    AME - aerospace and mechanical engineering
    CE - civil engineering
    CBE - chemical and biomolecular engineering
    CSE - compter science and engineering
    EE - electrical engineering
    EG - non-departmental engineering
  • Science:
    BIOS- biological sciences
    CHEM- chemistry
    SC-non-departmental sciences

3. How do I get a course approved if it's not in engineering or sciences?

Bring the course description to the CSE's Director of Undergraduate Studies (Ramzi Bualuan).

4. Which are some of the departments from which selected courses may be subject to approval?

  • ROTC courses
  • ARST/DESN (Art Studio/Design)
  • ARCH (Architecture)
  • MGTI/MIS (Managment Information Sciences)
  • MUS (Music) (1 course only)
  • STV (Science/Technology/Values)

5. What are some of the courses that have often been used as technical electives?

  • AME 30361 CAD/CAM
  • CSE 2/3/40600 CSE Service Projects (3 credits max)
  • CSE 48901 Undergraduate Research (3 credits max)
  • EE 30333 Theology and Engineering
  • EG 40421/40422 Integrated Business Engineering I/II
  • MGTI 30640 Networking
  • MGTI 40612 Java Programming
  • MGTI 40660 Internet Computing
  • MUS 40500 Music Through Technology

Note: Technical electives can be taken anytime, not necessarily during the semester indicated on the curriculum schedule.