Yiyu Shi named a top innovator in DAC’s Under 40 Innovator Awards

Yiyu Shi

Yiyu Shi, professor of computer science and engineering at the University of Notre Dame, is one of four recipients of the 2023 Under-40 Innovator Award from the Design Automation Conference (DAC).

DAC is the largest industry event devoted to electronic computer-aided design. The award recognizes the top young innovators who have made a significant impact in the field of electronics design and automation.

The award nomination cited Shi’s contributions to the deployment of high-performance, low latency and secure deep neural networks on edge devices. He also was recognized for his innovative approaches in deep learning algorithms and for the co-exploration of neural architectures and hardware designs.

The social impact of Shi’s work has been significant. He developed a framework for the diagnosis, treatment planning, and prognosis of congenital heart disease. A hardware module Shi developed was integrated in the Intensive Care Unit workflow at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, where it provided accurate real-time identification of abnormal findings in chest radiographs. He also has developed a smart implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) which is now under clinical trial.

Shi joined the Notre Dame faculty in 2015. He directs Notre Dame’s Sustainable Computing Laboratory and the National Science Foundation’s Industry/University Cooperative Research Center on Alternative and Sustainable Intelligent Computing.

— Karla Cruise, College of Engineering