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Milestone - Robert Bixler, Oral Candidacy

Robert Bixler

Robert Bixler, a CSE PhD candidate, successfully presented and defended his proposal; "Detecting Mind Wandering across Domains using Temporal Models of Eye Gaze" and has passed his Oral Candidacy Exam. His adviser, Dr. Sidney D'Mello and committee members, Dr. Adam Czjaka, Dr. Ron Metoyer, Dr. Chaoli Wang were in attendance.

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Congratulations! Dr. Nigel Bosch, PhD

Dr. Nigel Bosch, PhD

Nigel Bosch, a CSE PhD candidate, successfully presented and defended his dissertation; "Automatic Face-based Engagement Detection for Education" and will graduate with his PhD in January 2017. His adviser, Dr. Sidney D'Mello, along with his committee members, Dr. Patrick Flynn, Dr. Ron Metoyer and Dr. Aaron Striegel were in attendance.

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Notre Dame Researchers Develop Software for Potential Use by Law Enforcement

nwelding • Date: October 26, 2016

The software code developed at Notre Dame makes the iris identification process easier for law enforcement to use and, hopefully, apply. The code works by looking at iris features and presenting them to the user in a way that is similar to a program that conducts fingerprint analysis.

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