Tag: Deciphering ancient texts

Copy of Old Testament books, primarily with Jerome’s prologues: Proverbs (pp. 5-37), Ecclesiastes (pp. 37-49), Song of Songs (pp. 49-55), Wisdom (pp. 55-78), Sirach (pp. 78-141), Job (pp. 141-180), Tobias (pp. 180-195), Judith (pp. 195-214), Esther (pp. 214-232). Contains several initials with scroll ornamentation in red ink (pp. 7, 8, 141, 143, 180, 181). (sno)

Researchers use AI to unlock the secrets of ancient texts

The Abbey Library of St. Gall in Switzerland is home to approximately 160,000 volumes of literary and historical manuscripts dating back to the eighth century — all of which are written by hand, on parchment, in languages rarely spoken in modern times. To preserve these historical accounts …