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How the Genomics and Bioinformatics Core Facility Helps Solve Health and Other Research Questions

nwelding   October 21, 2016

When it comes to battling disease and maintaining healthy environments, DNA sequencing can be imperative to success. At the University of Notre Dame, the Genomics and Bioinformatics Core Facility supports research in many areas that increasingly rely on DNA sequencing, including cancer biology, vector-borne diseases, the development of drug and antibiotic resistance, monitoring invasive species, and much more.

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IBRI Announces Visiting Fellow and Interim Director of Applied Data Sciences Core

nwelding   October 19, 2016

The Indiana Biosciences Research Institute announced that Notre Dame Professor Nitesh Chawla will be a visiting fellow of the Institute and serve as the interim director of the Applied Data Sciences Core.

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Milestone - Jin Guo, Oral Candidacy

jyeats   October 14, 2016

Milestone - Jin Guo, Oral Candidacy Proposal defense

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Notre Dame Research Is Working with Manufacturers to Minimize Warping in Metal-printed Parts

nwelding   October 6, 2016

Three-dimensional printing, also known as additive manufacturing, isn’t just for plastics. In fact, Notre Dame researchers are working to 3D print a number of items, including metal orthopedic implants.

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COVE: A Tool for Advancing Progress in Computer Vision

staff   October 6, 2016

Computer vision is integral to many forms of artificial intelligence, with applications ranging from the critical (autonomous vehicles recognizing pedestrians), to useful (finding a video to show you how to cook your next delicacy), to just fun (searching for images of a recent family vacation). Recent technical advances in computer vision have revealed that a sure pathway to continued progress in the field lies in easy access to a massive network of reliable and diverse open source datasets. Unfortunately, nothing like this currently exists.

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It Takes a Village: How Crowdsensing Can Help Ensure Safe Drinking Water

nwelding   September 29, 2016

Water quality is not only an issue affecting urban water treatment systems. More than 15 million U.S. households rely on private wells for drinking water, where no municipal utility monitors water quality. These private wells are the focus of a project being conducted by Notre Dame researchers Dong Wang and Na Wei.

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Expressing the Value of Data Science in an ROI Framework

nwelding   September 16, 2016

In a recent paper published in EPJ Data Science, University of Notre Dame researchers study how organizations can quantify decision making in data science.

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Notre Dame Announces Collaboration with AT&T for Online Master’s Degree in Data Science

nwelding   August 30, 2016

With a growing need for skilled data scientists, the University of Notre Dame, in collaboration with AT&T, has announced its new online master of science degree with a specialization in data science.

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In Memoriam: Joseph C. Hogan, Dean Emeritus of College of Engineering

nwelding   August 25, 2016

Joseph C. Hogan, dean emeritus of the University of Notre Dame’s College of Engineering, died Thursday (Aug. 18) at Friendship Village in Tempe, Arizona. He was 94.

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Saint Mary’s and Notre Dame Faculty Invent Devices That Detect Fake Drugs

nwelding   July 28, 2016

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent No. 9,354,181 to researchers at Saint Mary’s College and the University of Notre Dame who together developed user-friendly devices that detect low-quality pharmaceuticals.

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Army Research Office Funds Research Targeting Sensors and Quality of Information

nwelding   July 22, 2016

Funded by a grant from the Army Research Office, Dong Wang, assistant professor of computer science and engineering, is studying the quantification and assessment of the Quality-of-Information provided by sensors.

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