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ICeNSA Network Opens Flow of Ideas, Collaboration

ckelly   August 30, 2012

ICeNSA Network Opens Flow of Ideas, Collaboration Red lines in the carpet connect the orange and yellow dots in the third-floor Nieuwland Hall headquarters of the University of Notre Dame’s Interdisciplinary Center for Network Science and Applications (iCeNSA), a network of researchers studying networks in the real world.

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Chen Receives NSF and NIH Research Grants

ckelly   August 29, 2012

Professor Danny Chen has received a three-year NSF award of $400,000 from the Algorithmic Foundations (AF) Program, Computing and Communication Foundations (CCF) of NSF, for a project "AF: Small: Applied and Theoretical Algorithm Problems in Computational Geometry."Professor Chen has also received a four-year NIH grant of over a million dollars, for the project "Combined Multiscale Modeling and Experimental Study of Bacterial Swarming." This is a joint effort with Professors Mark Alber (PI), Zhiliang Xu, and Professor Joshua Shrout.

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MHIN Announces Chawla's Appointment to MHIN Board of Managers

ckelly   July 24, 2012

MHIN Announces Chawla's Appointment to MHIN Board of Managers As the Michiana Health Information Network (MHIN) continues to provide cutting-edge health information technology solutions to the region, the multi-state health information exchange (HIE) is pleased to announce the appointment of Nitesh V. Chawla to the MHIN Board of Managers.

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New Notre Dame Research Raises Questions about Iris Recognition Systems

ckelly   July 19, 2012

New Notre Dame Research Raises Questions about Iris Recognition Systems Since the early days of iris recognition technologies, it has been assumed that the iris was a “stable” biometric over a person’s lifetime — “one enrollment for life.” However, new findings by University of Notre Dame researchers indicate that iris biometric enrollment is susceptible to an aging process that causes recognition performance to degrade slowly over time.

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Milenkovic Receives an NSF EAGER Grant

ckelly   July 6, 2012

Milenkovic Receives an NSF EAGER Grant Tijana Milenkovic has received two years of funding from the National Science Foundation through the EAGER mechanism, which supports "high-risk, exploratory and potentially transformative research."

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NPR Story on Great Job Opportunities and Shortage of CSE Students

ckelly   June 6, 2012

An audio file for a recent NPR story is available at: npr.org. The story is focused on the Seattle area and the state university in Seattle. But the situation for job prospects of Computer Science / Computer Engineering majors is the same across the country.

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U.S. News/Money - 5 of the 6 Best Technology Jobs are in Computer Sci. / Computer Eng.

ckelly   June 4, 2012

The US News / Money site has an article titled, "The 6 Best Technology Jobs of 2012". Five of the top six are: software developer, database administrator, web developer, computer systems analyst, and computer programmer.

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Senior Sam Fenker's Research Featured in Nature.com Article

ckelly   May 29, 2012

Graduating senior Sam Fenker's research in iris biometrics will be presented at the Biometrics Workshop associated with the IEEE CVPR conference in June. Sam has worked on iris biometrics research with Professor Kevin Bowyer for the last two years, and has co-authored several previous papers. His latest paper presents results of an improved experimental investigation into template aging for iris biometrics.

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Ryan Lichtenwalter Receives CRC Award for Computational Sciences and Visualization

ckelly   May 22, 2012

Ryan N. Lichtenwalter, advised by Professor Nitesh Chawla, is one of three winners of the 2012 CRC Award for Computational Sciences and Visualization. This award recognizes outstanding contributions in the areas of computational sciences and visualization.

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David Wei wins Best Paper Award

ckelly   May 14, 2012

Grad student, Yi (David) Wei was awarded the AWARE Best Student Paper Award for his paper (co-authored with Professor M. Brian Blake) "An Agent-based Services Framework with Adaptive Monitoring in Cloud Environments", at IEEE's 21st International Conference on Collaboration Technologies and Infrastructures.

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Emrich, Milenkovic Receive NIH Supplement

ckelly   May 4, 2012

Professor Scott Emrich has received two years of funding to support a new collaboration between his NIH-funded computational group and R01-funded experimentalist Professor Patricia Clark (Chemistry and Biochemistry). CSE Professor Tijana Milenkovic will collaborate on this project. Over these two years she and a partially supported member of her Notre Dame Complex Networks Lab will develop a new algorithmic framework for network analysis to study the potential interplay between codon usage and their topological positions.

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Steven Kurtz Awarded IBM Fellowship

ckelly   April 26, 2012

Steven Kurtz, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering advised by Professor Michael Niemier, has been awarded an IBM Ph.D. Fellowship for the 2012-2013 academic year.

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Thain Receives NSF Software Grant

ckelly   April 25, 2012

Thain Receives NSF Software Grant Professor Douglas Thain has received a three-year grant from the National Science Foundation to support the continued research, development, and deployment of the Cooperative Computing Tools (CCTools) software. The grant was awarded through the new Software Infrastructure for Sustainable Innovation program

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