Matthew Morrison awarded Google Visiting Faculty Research Fellowship to advance digital hardware education

Matthew Morrison

Matthew Morrison, associate teaching professor in computer science and engineering, has been awarded a Google Visiting Faculty Research Fellowship.

His research project will focus on integrating semiconductor chip design software into K-12 and university curricula, with the goal of accelerating the training of semiconductor hardware professionals around the country.

“My plan is to employ a software-style methodology to teach hardware skills,” said Morrison. “The approach will leverage Google’s open-source Custom Silicon platform to enable and simplify the rapid development and testing of digital hardware by anyone who wants to build a chip.”  

Currently, open-source software provides developers with resources such as Process Development Kits (PDKs) and toolchains to design, test, and fabricate manufacturable circuits. With the new hardware developing tools, students can even submit circuit designs for manufacturing at no cost.

Morrison’s work will make high-quality, low-cost educational opportunities available to individuals who are underrepresented in the semiconductor industry, including women, minorities, veterans, first-generation, and low-income students.

Morrison joined the Notre Dame faculty in 2019. He specializes in low-power hardware security, digital and analog VLSI design, smart and connected health in athletic and space environments, and STEM outreach and education.

He also recently joined Apple’s Racial Equity and Justice Initiative (REJI) providing curriculum for semiconductor design to colleges and universities developing programs for the next generation of chip designers.

He will carry out his Google fellowship on campus at Notre Dame.

— Karla Cruise, Notre Dame College of Engineering